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  • 23/10/2012 को प्रकाशित
  • Another Evangelion Abridged Parody Comes along....
    Created, Written and Edited by Gigguk
    UPDATE: English and German subtitles added. Thank You to Dietrich Ginocchio and Rene Kayser for helping me out!
    DevilKickSanji2 - Shinji, Gendo
    Sydsnap - Misato
    DriatanVA - Ritsuko
    Gigguk - Fuyutsuki, Extras
    PandoraHerself - Maya
    Lan - Rei
    HoldenReviews - Shigeru, Extras
    GRArkarda - Makoto, Extras
    HollowOfDawn - Military Guys
    Music comes from various songs in the evangelion rebuild sound tracks
    This is just something I've been working on for the past 2 months. Always wanted to make an abridged series but never had the motivation to make one (and find voice actors.) If you guys like it enough I'll probably make more since it was a lot of fun to work on!
    Crunchyroll free Trail: www.Crunchyroll.com/theanimezone
    Follow me on Twitter: GiggukAZ
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  • WhiffTiff 2005 CoD2
    WhiffTiff 2005 CoD2 6 साल पहले +14

    The father in this parody actually cares more for Shinji than the father in the actual show.

  • ActionOverWordz
    ActionOverWordz 2 साल पहले +10

    Even the abridged series got the license to “fly me to the moon”

  • owo uwu owo
    owo uwu owo साल पहले +2

    Why does Shinji's dad sound like he runs a tourist trap in a small town called Gravity Falls?

  • Bladed Angel
    Bladed Angel साल पहले +121

    I'm not ashamed to admit that this video is the reason I now say, "Fuck a Duck" unironically, whenever I stub my toe, or anything else painful.

  • Simon S.
    Simon S. साल पहले +1

    The fact that Gigguk and Sydsnap met here and now getting married is amazing.

  • KappaCrona
    KappaCrona साल पहले +3


  • Curtis Brown
    Curtis Brown 4 साल पहले +4

    "Does that girl look like mother?"

  • Ranryu
    Ranryu 4 साल पहले +2

    Shinji and Gendo actually kind of sound like Rick and Morty, respectively, which makes this even funnier

  • Ibukun Okunoye
    Ibukun Okunoye 2 साल पहले +2

    Now this video will be relevant in 2019, thanks Netflix

  • Moon Pie
    Moon Pie साल पहले +527

    'You do know what an AT field is, right sir?'

  • cyberianrave
    cyberianrave 5 साल पहले +993

    the godzilla jokes are even better considering anno worked on the latest one himself lmao

  • Mesadeath C Cube
    Mesadeath C Cube 2 साल पहले +1

    Little did Shinji know, his mother was the robot.

  • Buck Wade
    Buck Wade 6 साल पहले +2

    "I'm surrounded by idiots", "I don't even know how the human race has survived this long". Genius.

  • Pykaia San
    Pykaia San 5 साल पहले +745

    " We survive because... SHUT UP SHINJI ! " This is totally the entire serie xD

  • That Nigga Tomioka
    That Nigga Tomioka साल पहले +591

    “I mustn’t run away”

  • Yellow Tang
    Yellow Tang 3 साल पहले +2


  • Tenno Shenaniganizer
    Tenno Shenaniganizer 5 साल पहले +476

    I usually only trust TFS with abridges. This is actually good

  • Dank Conspiracy Nut
    Dank Conspiracy Nut 2 साल पहले +873

    Universal Studios Japan has an Evangelion vs Godzilla ride now. Gendo was right all along.

  • OJJL
    OJJL 3 साल पहले +985


  • SpaceCat
    SpaceCat 4 साल पहले +486

    Gendo: Wait a minute, I have the perfect idea.