Mushoku Tensei Is An Isekai Masterclass

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  • 24/03/2021 को प्रकाशित
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    Isekai Trash? Nah, how about Isekai treasure.
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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache साल पहले +5

    It's not every day Gigguk covers an isekai, but when he does, it's worth watching.

  • Eyob Walid

    One un-noted part of the anime that I like a lot is the opening. It’s not a premade set of visuals that plays at the beginning of the weekly watch; the music is made to be listened to with beautiful scenery, and they do that amazingly every episode, with a scenery that fits the episode so well, and transitions into the episode so well instead of having a scene before the intro to do the job.

  • Pro Gamur
    Pro Gamur साल पहले +1

    Mushoku Tensei just said That The meaning of Isekai is to Give a person a second chance of living a life they wanted to live

  • Ark
    Ark  +1

    "I'll destroy this town myself if it comes down to it" - Rudeus

  • Juke Fishron

    I'm gonna be honest, I want gigguk to cover the second season separately. Because HOLY SHIT it's good.

  • Bitrick
    Bitrick  +516

    "It's never too late for a coming of age story."

  • AniNews
    AniNews साल पहले +13

    Can confirm. Its a great anime.

  • Andrew494
    Andrew494  +115

    "you can make a religion out of this" was the best line

  • Eidolon
    Eidolon  +277

    I know this video is now 3 months old, but I just want to say to everyone who comes across this comment: I am a web novel reader. I read this story all the way until the end and read all of the epilogue prologue and extra content made for it. This series is frankly beautiful. It may not have the incredible writing of stories like re zero, but it is still top tier. No, what sets this series apart from everything else is not its writing. Mushoku tensei's story is quite possibly the best story ever told. It speaks to your heart in a way no other series can. You watch this show and you feel complete. I don't know how else to put it other than look forward to it because we have 21-23 volumes of content left to cover and I hope you all can enjoy it as much as I have.

  • Akshay Suggula

    Something about this show screams “insane quality” like Spice & Wolf. I think it might be the music, characters and dialogue. Easily the best Isekai for sure.

  • Simple Lad
    Simple Lad साल पहले +294

    I've really fallen in love with mushoku tensei specially the part where Rudy was freaking scared to go out unlike your generic weeb MC isekkai who straight out adventures the different world as if they know what to do. And except having memories of his past life he doesn't even have any special powers!! Not OP magic or anything. I also reached the latest chapter in the manga and I'm at the point where I could kill a person just so the manga would magically be complete.

  • Stee
    Stee साल पहले +148

    Man I almost missed this anime, but I'm glad I found it. instantly became my favorite isekai and if it keeps up the same level of quality as the first 11 episodes, I can see it becoming my favorite anime of all time.

  • Kyotosomo
    Kyotosomo साल पहले +2

    Easily the best Isekai I've ever seen I'm so glad it's getting a second season.

  • Queued4
    Queued4  +61

    I knew Mushoku Tensei was going to be good since the first couple episodes, but HOLY SHIT did it blow my expectations over the fuckin MOON

  • Richard Barnes

    This anime made me cry when I look at it because it is so beautiful and the story and the world and the characters is just amazing I love it so much 1000000/10 literally not joking it is my favourite from like episode 3. You don’t project yourself onto the character you care for them please watch it it is the single best thing in the world.

  • アイエテリン

    "Not just another adventure, in another time in another world, but maybe just another chance at life" and when the freaking op kicks in, i got goosebumps in my skin

  • Connor Kent!

    So far, it's among the best Isekai I've watched.

  • MaNiaK YT
    MaNiaK YT साल पहले +59

    SO WELL SAID, what I love about this anime is that it feels so REAL, just like you said 👏👏👏

  • RedRiotRoss
    RedRiotRoss साल पहले +13

    I say with complete confidence, I will never tire of you talkin bout isekai

  • Brandon Carlson

    I think something that really gets me into the LN is that the people close to Rudy think he’s a genius, talented, super person and meanwhile he’s thinking “Am I good enough to breath air without permission?”