She Doesn't Love You.

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  • 26/09/2021 को प्रकाशित
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  • The King of Antarctica

    This manga is basically one long:

  • latt.qcd92

    "Not only does your favorite girl not love you, she's getting her back blown out by an ugly bastard." - Sun Tzu

    DOOPEE  +1

    First time reading Oshi no Ko be like : "Tragedy tag? That can't be right"

  • Bob The Asian

    So I read it online, and even the translators get a good in depth explanation of everything that’s going on. I read the English translation from Guya and they break down every aspects of everything going on, especially in the Japanese media side. For the Akane arc, the translator used the “Terrance house incident” as a real life example of what happens during media influence. Even if it’s not that, they go more in debt about the smaller details about Japanese media and the backgrounds of it

  • Stock
    Stock  +1

    I started reading this manga a couple of months ago, and I was like, "Why hasn't this been covered more?" (at least in the international community). So to see Garnt and Joey promote this series makes me so glad.

  • Nam Khánh Lê

    "Everything is deception"

  • hitmonkey

    'She doesn't love you' is what Syd tells Garnt whenever he spends money on Vtubers

  • Cman the boi 🗿

    The light novel, "I Fell In Love, So I Tried livestreaming" also does a good job at showing the struggles in the entertainment industry, obviously it mostly focuses on live streamers. They even have an arc where a V-tuber gets hate because they heard the sound of a boy in the background. I recommend it, it also is a good romance story.

  • gostek37
    gostek37  +330

    "Aka might even put a v tuber in this manga"

  • PlanterSanSama

    "Then I'll help you kill them" with a serious tone while trying to appear lighthearted.

  • Kyu
    Kyu  +426

    I like how whenever Gigguk uploads something, all I think is "another show to binge first" pushing all other of my backlogs and currently watching

  • Aarush Sarkar

    As Kaguya-sama is coming to a close, this is a manga that I am really looking forward to reading.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Can't help but mention that Oshi no Ko is one of those manga that deserve a top tier anime adaptation. Fair to say that no one expected anything less from the author of Kaguya-Sama.

  • Emiliano M.

    I really love about Oshi no Ko how I don’t feel like the characters end their development once a new one appears, it’s something that I see a lot of series struggling with.

  • Leche 【Kaigainiki】

    I read it when The Boys talked about it in After Dark. It is SO good.

  • Павел Невмержицкий

    Gigguk. From the bottom of my heart. I wish you read and make a review on the “100 girlfriends who really, really, really, really, really love you”.

  • B Mack
    B Mack  +21

    I was enthralled reading the first volume of Oshi no ko, so many twist and turns. Those first eleven or so chapters had me hooked.

  • DoomRanger

    I remember Zombieland Saga talking about how in the past, idols needed to portray themselves as gods, the untouchables..

  • Vignesh
    Vignesh  +2

    "Apology videos aren't to say sorry, they're to make people believe you're sorry and win back your audience" -Absolutely right

  • RockSolitude

    Caught up on this absolute manga last week. Binged the whole thing from start to the latest chapter, it's just that good. Possibly one of the most powerful manga I've ever read. Glad to see it's getting more coverage, it needs more recognition. I hope this manga grows to becomes as successful as Kaguya-sama and get frequent releases, it's earnt it.