Darling in the FranXX: The Never Ending Ride

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  • 11/07/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Re-Uploaded to correct some stuff.
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  • D walker
    D walker साल पहले +2

    How do you pilot a Mech?

  • Boring_ Amir
    Boring_ Amir साल पहले +3

    This anime cured my depression but then gave it back at the end.....

  • MouthMuffler
    MouthMuffler साल पहले +3

    A-1 Pictures: let’s make a nice story about love and battles that everyone will remember

  • knarly_potato
    knarly_potato साल पहले +1

    zero-two's entire character is just a play on the word "horny"

  • InKorp
    InKorp साल पहले +1

    i feel ashamed for almost crying at the end of this anime 'cause everybody was saying it was trash and unoriginal, but sometimes, simple things are the best ones...

  • 8M
    8M साल पहले +744

    "The kiss between Hiro and Ichigo was very meaningful. It represents lol".

  • Ben Noble
    Ben Noble 3 साल पहले +3

    "Ichi-go, 15, which represents the exact number of people who legitimately thought she was best girl"

  • Aidan M
    Aidan M साल पहले +2

    People trying to find a deeper meaning while I just sitting here like "ahahah 02 and 016 are cute together"

  • Valtteri Räisänen
    Valtteri Räisänen साल पहले +1

    "DARLING in the FranXX doesn't even compare to Evangelion, there are so many differences". There was so much sarcasm that I could taste it.

  • Foocett
    Foocett  +195

    Never in a million years would I guess that my new favorite video is just slandering what is probably my favorite anime of all time for 11 minutes straight

  • Paul Poltzt
    Paul Poltzt साल पहले +602

    I just finished the show, and I AM LEGITIMATELY DYING WATCHING THIS.

  • Seo Mahazuri
    Seo Mahazuri साल पहले +115


  • Project Final Audio
    Project Final Audio 3 साल पहले +6

    The amount of sarcasm and irony in this is off the charts

  • Mew
    Mew साल पहले +685

    Bruh Ichigo literally kissed Hiro then kissed his new husband to make an indirect kiss what a madlad

  • A Day in White
    A Day in White साल पहले +382

    2.5 years later, I have watched the series and can finally watch this video.

  • BluE68
    BluE68  +338

    “Oh maybe I accidentally skipped a whole season”

  • NaSTo_ناستو
    NaSTo_ناستو साल पहले +543

    people: there are people who rode 02 more than 3 times died

  • Nathaniel McMurray
    Nathaniel McMurray साल पहले +50

    I feel like this show is a perfect representation of anime. It sums up exactly what it is which is a crazy, nerdy, hyperbolized story with nothing and everything making sense at the exact same time. The art style and the characters hyperbolize every action and word said, with personalities being easily picked out. There are the classic tropes like the beach day episode, the love triangle, and the bad guys are actually good ending. And not to mention the classic anime fan service that anime fans at first are confused by, then start to like, then soon like but no longer focus on It. It’s nerdy with a crazy weird story line that only anime could pull off and then at the very end you have a crazy info dump, the entire thing becomes a dumpster fire, yet still sticks a landing with it being happy, but at the same time almost sad. The ending leaves you satisfied but also in a Lot of ways unsatisfied. This was probably a waste of time to write but like I personally like the show and a lot of people who shit on it are a bit nit picky to be honest. It’s good and people who don’t like it instead of just saying the obvious that the writers realizing they were running out of time just info dumped the viewers to save the show from complete failure, they mention that but go into other things that don’t actually matter that much unless your analyzing every minute of the show for an hour. Good show and I watched the whole thing in 2 days

  • Xylums
    Xylums 2 साल पहले +8

    We were talking about anime and this mans managed to get us on the topic of league of legends

  • hmmmph
    hmmmph साल पहले +468

    I will never forget that Zerome and miku literally sword fought with there hair