Isekai is GREAT, Actually

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  • 20/02/2022 को प्रकाशित
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  • Gigguk
    Gigguk   +6

    Incase you didn't see me talk about Isekai enough:

  • Takhu Padi

    "We Need An Isekai That Has An Ending"

  • Attimi
    Attimi  +265

    My big problem with isekai is sometimes it just doesn't need to be isekai, a lot of the time it feels like a way to get cheap exposition in like having your main character have amnesia so everything can be explained to the audience. Some of them could just be good fantasy anime without the protag being from another world.

  • Kevin Quinonez

    "I've seen so many heroes journeying to take on the Demon Lord and not a single one ever reaches his doorstep" this made me laugh

  • Reddagh Ino

    That's why I like Re:zero, the story is huge, the world and characters are well developed, before each new arc the author creates several stories explaining what is happening with the other candidates for the throne, they have a history and personalities, it's fun to see that the world is "alive" and things don't just happen around Subaru just because he's the protagonist.

  • Zaczac111
    Zaczac111  +140

    Konosuba is one of the few mainstream isekai’s where the source material has come to a conclusion. And yet despite how popular it is, they still haven’t been focused on rolling out more seasons. It’s not just an issue with series not having an ending, it’s an issue with only a select few series being considered safe to continuously pump out season after season.

  • The Woman in Red


  • Lorenzo F7

    lmao. saying your favorite anime genre is hentai is more acceptable than admitting you watch isekai in anime circles

  • Sojib Husain


  • TheUnchartedWolf

    As a huge Overlord fan, I definitely can understand the feeling that the anime may never get a conclusion. The fact that Madhouse of all studios did the impossible and are making a fourth season is insane enough, but the idea of the whole series getting adapted sounds like a distant dream.

  • MercifulGoliath

    Yknow, I never really considered it before, but when you look at how long it took for 2 of the big 3 that all held anime on their shoulders to come to their conclusion, and how much they evolve and mature. Shows today don't really get their chance to shine, and the 'best' ones tend to have a few seasons with hopes for more instead of expecting more until the story is done. It's very strange when you compare the two how we just don't expect a show to continue until it's canceled or ends.

  • Monkeylordz88

    My favorite isekai is "So I'm a Spider, So What" (especially the light novels). The one thing it does the best above most other isekai is have an explanation for almost everything that happens in the story. For example, the one thing that always bugs me is the main character's purpose for reincarnation. Often, it just happens for the sake of it, but in Spider, its a mystery that the story reveals the answer to over time. Another nice thing is the hard magic system. In Spider, you are introduced to almost every single magic spell and know exactly what each of them do. The combat with this system is written superbly and emphasizes strategy, and I find this so much more gratifying than some Deus Ex Machina ability or something that a lot more generic isekai resort to.

  • Jewel Vang

    I can't wait for the villainess genre and more female leads!! I personally love more strategy social fighting than physical fighting stories and I'm obsessed with these villainesses uniquely solve and grow their reputation

    CHEFPK  +930

    Uses No Game No Life music so we can feel the dread of never getting a season 2.

  • Scott Schaaf

    The isekai genre has so much potential and it feels like it was mostly underutilized for so long, but stuff like Realitic Hero and Gate(my favorite anime) show that it doesn't have to be "main protagonist gets transported to fantasy world and gets super strong/smart/powerful."

  • Bigbo 1
    Bigbo 1  +46

    I’m standing on a million lives isn’t even bad, the show honesty takes a re:zero like approach with character psychology and has an underlying plot that basically forces me to watch to understand it.

  • Charles Silva

    Ahhh Re: Zero is still being written! And they’ve done a great job at ending each season in a satisfying non-cliffhanger way. So good 😭 I’m holding off from reading more, gonna stretch this out as long as I can lol.

  • Whimsical Stray

    The only problem with Mushoku Tensei, from what I understand, is the ending is more of a personal and isolated ending. The actual world still has a lot of story threads left open, so it's getting a sequel series.

  • Azardeus
    Azardeus  +32

    I love the Isekai genre! Even when they tend to get too formulaic, they still feel like some kind of comfort food for me. I just can't stop watching them, please send help.

  • Megamanbrasileiro

    "We need an isekai that has an ending". This is how I feel about the anime industry as a whole, not just isekai.