She Wants to Suck You

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  • 23/12/2021 को प्रकाशित
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    I'll make more Anime content. Just not today. Here's a new Manga I found called Yofukashi no Uta (Call of the Night)
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  • Gigguk
    Gigguk   +1

    Head to

  • Sung Jin-Woo

    I'm still not used to Gigguk with a beard. It's like he went through a five year arc when we didn't even know about it

  • Brian Garvey

    "Get on my level."

  • CubemasterXD

    As someone who woke up at 8pm and just watched this at 3am I can say noone has ever managed to put the nightowl feeling into better words than you

  • Pepper Pan
    Pepper Pan  +126

    The reason why I miss Garnt's abridged series is because most of the titles he reviews, I don't really watch but I could just listen to this man speak all day. His strength really is his scripts, humor and his delivery. Cheers man!

  • Carlton Beasley

    wow I think I finally found the explanation for why I always stay up late gaming or going for walks alone in the crisp night air. It truly is the only time where you don't have any obligations or responsibilities. For a few hours you're completely free of the crazy rush of the world. Thanks Gigguk for making a video that explains this nagging feeling I've always had but never bothered to think about or explain to myself or my friends and fam.

  • MagmaRR
    MagmaRR  7 घंटे पहले +2

    This is unironically my favorite vid garnt has ever made lol. Call of the night hits home on a whole different level to me. Being younger and staying out all night, sitting somewhere nice and quiet with a friend or someone to just talk and do random shit are some of my favorite memories. The beauty of a completely dark night is better than any view I could possibly lay my eyes upon, but I haven't met any vampire bitches out in the night smh.

  • Kevin Wang

    The fact you used your fiancé for the "10-out-of-10" made me smile from ear-to-ear :]

  • Uranus
    Uranus  +71

    I'm happy you actually explained how staying up all night is. Its just that I also like staying up all night until morning when no ones up, no ones bothering, its all quiet and peaceful. Definitely going to watch this anime when it releases.

  • Ew I stepped in disrespectful opinions

    This manga speaks to my soul.

  • NootNToot
    NootNToot  +82

    One thing that always kept me going last year was just going out on an evening walk before/after grabbing a hot dining center meal. It was always so calm and serene, and a refreshment after sitting through hours of class in a tiny, empty dorm room. Being up on a quiet night just hits different. Will definitely consider picking this manga up.

  • Kurto
    Kurto  +27

    when you described that magical night time vibe this manga supposedly has, I knew exactly what you meant.

  • Claudius
    Claudius  +96

    Gigguk baiting us like master mind, a horny one.. this art is really suggestive. Jokes on mangakas making lewd characters and then actually hook us with a good story! You don't get that so often

  • The "Whatever Takodachi"

    I like the randomness of the story.

  • Googolplexed

    So so so happy you covered this absolute gem. I discovered it a few months ago after moving to a new city and its isolated vibe perfectly reflected how I felt at that time. Very excited for the adaptation of the smug grin

  • Xucong Zhan

    Having worked night shifts on an irregular schedule for half a year, the vibe that this manga creates really hits home, both mentally and physically: While I experience that vibe in my head while I am reading, my gut would also have an uneasy twirl as if remembering the unhealthy combo of extra oily night snacks and some ice Nestel coffee, which would then later turn into a mild stomach discomfort. :( It's really a very weird and magical feeling.

  • Teddy Alt
    Teddy Alt  +18

    This has literally been one of my biggest life dreams, to walk at the dead of night through Tokyo and just get lost and forget about all my problems and all the crappy things that I have gone through

  • GameJunky

    Funny how they managed to capture the niche so well, the feeling of freedom at night is what got me to think Vampires are cool instead of scary when I was young. I’m now a frequent Vampire: the masquerade larper and am beginning with the tabletop game. They could’ve just made it about nightlife, but adding vampires to the mix makes it so much more personal to me

  • PoseidonM
    PoseidonM  +10

    I've now caught up to the most recent volume and it's actually really enjoyable, the story is really imerssive and relatable I find. Thank you gigguk, can't wait for the anime :)

  • The Goat

    Just discovered this series recently. Fantastic manga that's criminally underrated. Thank you for giving it the love it deserves.