Solo Leveling Is The Power Fantasy We Needed

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  • 16/11/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • I’ll fight for my justice… And kill yours if I must.
    An epic Tale that unfolds from 21 different points of view.
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  • AFY-Sama
    AFY-Sama  +11

    Spreading the gospel that is solo leveling and simultaneously korean Manwha.

  • Jay
    Jay  +1

    The thing I love about solo leveling is that he's a necromancer. So seeing him completely overwhelmed his enemies, kill them, and then resurrect them to join him is just so satisfying

  • Eragon
    Eragon  +593

    Honestly, I unironically think that one of the big things that helps Solo Leveling feel different from normal power fantasy isekai manga is that there isn't a stupid harem, and the mc is actually cool. A lot of power fantasy isekai manga have bland lame MCs that are supposed to look like normal nerds, and then they get a big harem of fanservicey annoying girls following them around, with lots of time given to MC just interacting with the girls. Solo Leveling doesn't do that. The MC is super cool looking, and acts like it. He isn't a meek submissive nerd who just happens to be strong, he's a cool powerful guy who knows it and acts like it. There isn't a lame harem taking up time that could be spent on more rule of cool awesomeness.

  • Vaektor 77
    Vaektor 77  +247

    If you enjoyed Solo Leveling, give these ones a shot as well:

  • Deadpica
    Deadpica  +306

    i just read last chapter of solo leveling and i was crying because it ended.

  • Antithesis

    the fight scene in the manhwa, even if its just a static image, it gave me chills, thats how good the art are 10/10

  • StrangerX

    It was only a matter of time until Garnt covered this series. Kitchen Nightmares is one the best TV shows out there.

  • Matthew Garawitz

    Well to be fair I like the personality of this protagonist more than many others. He takes things seriously but doesn’t get all edgy, he’s never too silly but still fun to see talk with people

  • maneatingcheeze

    If you read a lot of these scroll manwha you realize quite quickly how they make them so fast.

  • TerminalVerbosity

    Legend of the Northern Blade and Omniscient Reader's Perspective are also absolute masterpieces. Webcomics are just absolutely killing it at both Isekai and PowerFantasy.

  • Silent Star

    I like this because even if the mc was strong, the enemies were always stronger. I know many other fantasy genres were the mc leveled up so fast that it became boring

  • Saurav Silwal

    Solo leveling is something i enjoyed reading but cannot say it is the greatest of all time (at least in my opinion it isn't). no fu*ks given personality, drip that is god tier, flexing left and right and over powering everyone in-front of him, friends or foes... this manhua had a promising start and the story was good as it was unfolding... reaching to new audience and gaining popularity with the help of decent story, badass mc and godly art, it did nothing ground breaking but was excellent for what it wanted to be, all the while being a trend setter for similar manhua to pop into existence with seemingly no end having similar concept (hunter, dungeon , system, weak mc become strong) ... solo leveling is good for what it is , is enjoyable read but is it a good cohesive story and does it stick the landing? my answer- yes and no!

  • A Struggler

    Solo Leveling is good. The first 2/3 is definitely stronger than the conclusion. The weakest element is just how underdeveloped and useless most if not all side characters are compared to the MC.

  • Edin A. L.

    the hunters joke really got me every time laughing

  • Motoaki Tanigo

    This is why I really appreciate asura scan and reaper scan for bringing and translating the best Korean manhwa out there

  • potato girl

    When he order his shadow soldiers to charge at the giant monarch,that just give me chills 😬

  • Ziom Krzysztof

    The way they use the fact that it's a single continuous picture that you scroll through is brilliant. I've even seen some where a single picture had the same two guys fighting in several consecutive poses, taking advantage of the fact that only one pose will fit into the frame at any given time to give this fluid frame-by-frame feel to it.

  • YaBoyUneven

    I finished solo leveling today and the ending was amazing imo. Thank you Gigguk for introducing me to this masterpiece

  • Zedarına

    Solo Levelings character design is mental. Even some random dude in the background wears armour that would be a legendary item in in any other manga. The art is just so good.

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 14 दिन पहले +4

    I mean Kirito started off already a master at SAO, was able to design a robot cable of holding Yui before he was out of college, and fought off a knife wielding madman in his scrawny normal body because of a nonsensical muscle memory style concept. Even if its cursory it sounds like this guy has a training arc to gain his power, and he's now the "overdog posing as the underdog" trope given the now inaccurate ranking system. Which sortof