China Is Taking Over Your Favourite Anime

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  • 21/08/2021 को प्रकाशित
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  • Robby Bergers

    I can't believe how good of a job they did animating them dancing. Animation is insanely difficult in general, but THAT is insanely difficult even in comparison to the rest of animation.

  • Yoshi Kirishima

    Respect for wanting to call it donghua, and recognizing that it's a Chinese animation, when so many people insist on lumping multiple country's animations into the term "anime" without asking or knowing whether the creators or that country's viewers would appreciate that.

  • Mmm. Yes

    I am seeing a surprising lack of people mentioning Heaven Official's Blessing. The show is genuinely incredible.

  • Xenon Entity

    On Gigguk's recommendation I watched Link click and I don't regret that decision, each client's backstory made me tear up and the ape-shit ending with the awesome ED topped off the brilliant experience for me.

  • makemake_Y

    Tian Guan Ci Fu/ Heaven's official blessing is my favorite Chinese anima this year.its has the same author as mo dao zu shi and the novel that its based off is amazing

  • glumpink
    glumpink  +579

    For all the people who are saying 'oh, i dont trust the CCP's products', this show, and many other donghua shows are made by independent studios / media companies who try to find loopholes to give ppl the content they want ie. Haoliners and Youku with their BL. The policies don't mandate anything about what companies need to put into their content, only restricts them from putting outright slander against the party (And explicit sex/violence)

  • SunnySplosion


  • Scrapox 2
    Scrapox 2  +511

    I disagree on one part here, the easily bingeable part, because most of the episodes left me in such a emotionally overwhelmed state that I had to take a break and do something else for a while. Incredible show.

  • True Tigress

    Chinese Donghua is my latest obsession...even the CG Animated donghua. I have so many favorites. The language is just so beautiful I can't wait to hear more. Chinese music even has a spot in my heart. It feels like another door has opened to the things I enjoy. :)

  • Shogun 2 Heroic Victories

    I feel sorry for the people not giving Chinese Animation a chance. While like with the japanese industry there is alot of average shows. there are alot of Gems aswell.

  • The Reverie Complex

    Donghuas were always good, people just go "oh. It's chinese" and ignores 'em. Give a try

  • Someone Nothere

    What? I love the main fucking plot. Gigguk really fails to mention this, but some of the small side stories actually all connect together in someway towards the main plot. It's great, idk why he has a problem with it. I think it's way higher up there than he gives it credit for.

  • SonicHaXD

    Saying this is on par with ODDTAXI is gonna make me watch it now XD

  • Emilie
    Emilie  +919

    Yesss finally someone talking about Link Click!! God I love this show, I’m so excited it’s gaining traction!

  • Amy Chang
    Amy Chang  +295

    I never thought you would talk about this show!!! I also appreciate how it’s a good gateway to Chinese music too. I can also say the same for Chinese entertainment too. A lot of people don’t really look into it.

  • Simon S.
    Simon S.  +241

    I just finished this show and my God is it a king of cliffhangers. The ending for each episode is so damn interesting that it leaves you wanting for more. And the way it transitions to the ED is

  • TheFunPop
    TheFunPop  +456

    I’m just happy Mo Dao Zu Shi was even mentioned. But honestly, this does sound interesting. Definitely gonna check it out.

  • ariadne
    ariadne  +184

    Mo Dao Zu Shi and Link Click are probably my favourite chinese anime. And Season 3 of MDZS is releasing right now. Would love to hear your thoughts about it!

  • Brian Allison

    Garnt: "This animation is smoother than an average League of Legends player's brain"

  • Judy Judy
    Judy Judy  +94

    fun fact about the ed of this anime + spoilers alert