I went to a Real Anime Studio in Japan

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  • 16/06/2021 को प्रकाशित
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  • I AM A LOL

    "while we are aware of overseas fans, we generally don't make changes for their sake." THANK GOD

  • ThatRipOff

    "We generally don’t make changes for oversea fans"

  • PikaPilot

    "I hope you enjoy.. I tried to make it not boring."

  • DustyRaider

    Producer: “while we are aware of overseas fans, we don’t change things for them”

  • Woodlandsage

    Just ten years ago something like this would have only been trusted to a professional documentary team. Crazy to think all this effort and love was trusted to a youtuber. Thanks for your hard work Gigguk.

  • Copeur
    Copeur  +723

    The thing that catches my attention the most is how quiet they are, there is no sound when they're working even when someone is talking to you he keeps his voice low

  • Fluent in oppai

    2016: gigguk starts to watch more isekai

  • nikh
    nikh  +518

    What I’m more curious about how much of Japanese did Garnt understood himself there.

  • CatsMeowPaw


  • Leo
    Leo  +639

    As an overseas fan i beg to never give a shit about us lmao

  • Shock/Rice
    Shock/Rice  +300

    So, we had Joey go toCloverWorks, we have Garnt going to J.C. Staff… All that’s left is Connor going to David Production and the trilogy will be complete!

  • MA-121
    MA-121  +135

    J.C. Staff Producer: “We Don’t Make Changes for the Sake of Overseas Fans”

  • That_Classy Nerd

    Gig: Do you care or take into consideration the opinions of overseas audiences when animating:

  • Lion Heart

    Fan: You must be thrilled to animate great scenes

  • Valk_72
    Valk_72  +12

    What a lot of people overseas fail to understand, it's that anime and manga are made for the japanese first, which is logical since it's the popularity at home which will be the deciding factor if an anime/manga is cancelled. The fact that it's popular or not overseas isn't taken into account by the producer/editor.

  • ZerohBeat
    ZerohBeat  +60

    His idea of showing the whole process of Initial idea, to Web Novel... all the way to anime (plus movies) is actually quite cool. Hope Garnt gets the chance to do it one day soon!

  • Leo
    Leo  +15

    Hearing the producer story about the Konosuba team laughing out loud when making it just made my day!!

  • Aman Thakur

    J.C Staff: It would be nice to do a long running series like One Piece.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    An hour or two to an

  • Boston Hunter

    That was pretty cool seeing how Combatants is being made, lol Id be so jealous if I was working next door to the guys working on Konosuba.