Thank You, Evangelion.

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  • 25/08/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • Finished the final Eva Movie and I am an emotional mess. Here were my disorganised rambles
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    CHEFPK  +14

    When I first watched it as a kid it was all about cool robots and Waifu's.

  • Zephryn24

    Evangelion is literally just "Life sucks, and that's okay."

  • BendyMelons

    I’m going to be honest, I would’ve probably killed myself without this show, thank you eva, thank you anno, god bless you all.

  • AsinusSum

    You have to feel Eva. It's not about 'symbolisim' or religion. It's your own personal experience. How YOU relate to it. Are you a Shinji, a Misato, Asuka or Rei? The charackters are written so well, that I've find myself over the time identify with several of them. It's the Human experience that makes eva great.

  • Rin Alice
    Rin Alice  +55

    It only took me 9 months or so to watch this video but I am glad I waited, I put off watching 3.0+1.0 so much because I knew that would mean finally saying goodbye to a franchise that I loved. In 2006 when I was getting into anime Evangelion was one of the first ones I ended up watching and I absolutely loved the Rebuilds. After watching the final movie with my friends I am glad to finally say goodbye and thank you so much Eva. It was a wonderful ride, the worst of times and the best of times, And I had an absolute Blast

  • calvinwazoo

    I never watched this series as a kid, I didn't watch Neon Genesis until I was 60+ years old. It was a profound experience for me (I really liked how the series ended). My reaction to Thrice Upon a Time is very similar to yours. Thank you for this video, sharing your thoughts and a bit of yourself.

  • Z Reviews

    Thank you for not putting your normal outro, It was the right call.

  • Linus D N
    Linus D N  +54

    Watching Rei finally becoming a human being and feeling genuine happiness and attachment in the village and then just BOOM. That was heartbreaking

  • Sebas Peimbert

    “One Last Kiss” is literally the farewell song to all of Eva

  • ColumnCreek

    Masterpiece is subjective. If it hits you specifically harder than anything else, it is a masterpiece in your eyes. And nothing can change that. Evangelion is a masterpiece.

  • Buffy
    Buffy  +104

    I watched the original series when I was about 19, and I rewatched it 19 years later (last year) and realised I wasn’t nearly emotionally mature enough to appreciate it back then. Rewatching it with 19 years of life experience made me relate to it and connect with it on a whole other level. NGE and EoE are two of the best things I’ve ever seen, and while Rebuild didn’t reach those same heights for me, I’m glad I watched it, I appreciate the way it reflects the changes in Anno's life, and I like the sense of closure it delivers.

  • Hyperversum

    The ending was simply incredible.

  • booker 123

    shinji grown up and giving an absolute chad response to a woman flirting was enough for me to be happy with the ending.

  • InkWavve
    InkWavve  +11

    I used to be confused and angry whenever I saw or heard someone badmouthing Eva, saying it's nonsensical and overrated.

  • Laraya
    Laraya  +92

    This is probably the first review ever that made me cry so hard. Thank you, Gigguk. I can't say 'goodbye' to all Evangelion. It's still with me, can't just move on... And I don't want to move on, even if the creators & the story did.

  • low key
    low key  +175

    Absolute chills when Shinji’s scream initiated Gigguks AMV. It stopped me in my tracks while listening to this carrying house chores.

  • SaintNight

    The Evas, Adam, Lilith, Angels, Dead Sea Scroll, Book of Life, Impacts, etc. It doesn't matter, the world is ending anyway, just be a better person and grow. I guess that's the message of this anime :)

  • t4rv0r
    t4rv0r  +159

    My review on thrice upon time:

  • ivancheesecake

    "Not everything in life has a clean ending... and that's okay."

  • River of Power

    To me, Evangelion was always a contemplation of loneliness. It introduced me to the hedgehog's dilemma and made me genuinely feel like I wasn't alone in feeling alone. It gave me some comfort in knowing that I wasn't broken for feeling that way. If you've ever felt this way at any point in your life, then you know just how much that small amount of connection can mean to you.