Fall Anime 2021 in a Nutshell

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  • 27/10/2021 को प्रकाशित
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    You know the deal. It's Fall Anime Season time.
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  • Gigguk
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  • brandon teasley

    I'm glad that the Redo Of Healer author is showing us what he can actually do. It's like he wrote Worlds Finest Assassin after his post nut clarity

  • Mp Extory

    "people who still laugh at the number 69"

  • We are Venom

    “To entertain the people who still laugh at the number 69, so I- hehe nice”

  • Mikhael Sabado

    This season is jam packed with a lot of amazing shows, however I need to give more recognition to Ousama Ranking, came in thinking it was a kids show and boy am i dead wrong. It has one of the best storytelling i encountered so far anmd with banger music, it is definitely a show you must watch this season

  • Manav
    Manav  +347

    Ousama Ranking is definitely going to be the most underrated show this season considering how people will likely think it's a kid's show because of its art style, when in fact it's the complete opposite. It has amazing animation and is far above almost every other anime this season in terms of storytelling. The recent episodes have been very dark, and it completely overturns any cliches you'd expect, and piles plot twists upon plot twists. Every single character, including the jealous younger brother ( the apparent antagonist from the beginning), is well-written and non-cliche.

  • coreynj
    coreynj  +541

    It really fucking sucks that Ousama Ranking is probably going to be Studio WIT's last passion project. They've lost a lot of money making originals, that's why they had to give up AoT to MAPPA.

  • Animeology

    Its been so long since I have seen a Gigguk video and I have not been disappointed xD

  • Bladed Angel


  • Kaoru Sugimura

    Of all the anime this season Ousama Ranking stands out to me the most. It will go down as a cult classic and I will be recommending it for years to come. The art style may throw people off but it truly is a great show that will have you wanting the next episode each week, which is a rare feeling for me after some 20+ years of anime watching. The way it subverts expectations without being cliche deus ex and shows the characters as being more than what you initially see them as really works well. The art style definitely plays no small role in this either as it is an art style we typically associate with very specific cliche stories from our childhood. It may well be the reason they chose that art style in the first place and if so then I take my hat off to them because it was a true 4D chess move.

  • El Rocky Raccoon

    I've been waiting for an anime adaptation of

  • BallsOfNoxus

    And once again, Gigguk has shown me this season was stacked without my knowledge. I swear the older i get, the less i detect. Thanks for doing this for us Gigguk. Round of applause and a sugary item of choice for the man who actually takes the time to watch and review entire seasons of anime, then proceeds to compile a list of highlights in addition to making a light summarizing review of their appeal all while remaining true to his style. The amount of effort he puts in this is friggin' nuts.

  • SomeAustrianGuy_

    "We all know the secret to be an OP anime protagonist, it's having amazing hair."

  • A Quiet Corner

    "Studio Wit aren't capable of missing", neither are Gigguk's seasonal in a nutshell videos, great content

  • raichu1711

    As someone who has crippling social anxiety the blackboard scene from Komi san really hits hard it was truly beautiful.

  • jerad200
    jerad200  +29

    I don't know what I would do without you gigguk. I have such a hard time picking anime and usually hate the shows I try. Your recommendations make it so much easier to find shows that are actually gems. I thank you sir. You are a legend.

  • DarkDemon259

    To anyone still hesitant on Ranking of Kings, give it the ol' 3 episode rule. I checked it out cause it's ratings seemed unnaturally high for what I dismissed as a kids show. But it turned out to be one of my favorites for the season. I'm genuinely impressed at how so many seemingly unimportant, 1-dimensional characters have managed to get so much depth and development in such a short period of time. Almost every character is more than meets the eye and the world building is fantastic.

  • ptw
    ptw  +50

    Every week since I watched this I am even more shocked that Heike Monogatari failed to make your list as each new episode shows that it is not only the best anime of the season, but is one of the best anime ever made.

  • MarkFor_Me
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  • strikezrow

    Gigguk: "I like my mecs like I like my women"