I Lost $10,000 on Anime Figures.

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  • 16/12/2021 को प्रकाशित
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  • gustinex

    Sydney is so funny here, and the overall husband and wife chemistry is too cute and too wholesome

  • Matej Marić


  • Silver
    Silver  +2

    Joey: I spent $10k

  • Big Thicc Boi

    I love how Sydney is the one throwing out the inappropriate jokes at everything and garnt is just trying to keep the video monetized 😂

  • HxRRY
    HxRRY  +3

    “Just find a little sister, and see where that goes” was probably the wisest thing I’ve heard in a while

  • Partha Sarathi Sahoo

    Garnt : "She's gonna be my partner in crime for the day"

  • SleepyColl

    Garnt: “if i can’t get monetized, my friends can’t!”

  • YingofDarkness

    This was so funny to watch! Connor trolling Garnt, Sydney acting like a kid asking Garnt to buy her hentai figures, and just Garnt's commentary in general was so good this video! My favorite of the three guys for sure!

  • Bird Religion

    gotta admit, Garnt is a lucky man to have Syd. I'd love a girl in my life who just wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on hentai figures for our home. respect.

  • NotArnar
    NotArnar  +181

    i love how that gun is literally the least american gun on the shelf.

  • Long Xue
    Long Xue  +318

    Garnt: "It's 2021, you should know what a VPN is by now"

  • Terraria 456

    Sydney asking for “cultured” figures is like a kid asking their mom to go to the toys section

  • Dennis Corraliza


  • JackOBlades0801

    Gigguk did nothing wrong. That Shiro/Saber statue was more expensive in my heart. Much more than Emilia.

  • Nitrixツ
    Nitrixツ  +69

    Really love how Sydney loves to go to wholesome shelves and searching through the most child friendly stuff

  • Gremlin, Lord of Rats


  • Pepper Pan

    Man, Garnt really just has a charm in his anime figurines videos. He's in his element, Syndey plays off so well with his jokes and the challenge aspect just keeps it interesting. Hope he finds a way to make more videos similar to this format

  • Anime Yahallo

    Other "normal" girlfriends: Can you buy me a new dress?

  • Captain Cheezmo

    I cried on the inside when Garnt found the eStream Emilia. eStream really dropped the ball with quality control and keeping detail quality from the prototype with that one especially. Garnt chose wisely.