I Met the Creator of Domestic Girlfriend

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  • 20/01/2021 को प्रकाशित
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    © Kei Sasuga, KODANSHA/Domestic Girlfriend Production Committee
    © Takeshi Hinata / Kodansha Ltd.
    Edited by: Bakashift
    Translation By: Lynte
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  • drugfreeromance
    drugfreeromance साल पहले +16

    This is a fitting ending to Gigguk's Domestic Girlfriend character arc.

  • Fizz-sama
    Fizz-sama साल पहले +4

    "Domestic Girlfriend was partially influenced by Game of Thrones" was not something I expected to hear when I woke up this morning, but it makes more sense than anything I've ever heard in my life.

  • ShyNight
    ShyNight साल पहले +2

    Guys, Gigguk figured out how to speak English towards the Japanese and get subtitles. He's reached a level of weeb we thought wasn't possible.

  • Dio
    Dio साल पहले +1

    Sasuga Kei's message with her work: Bad things may happen in your life, but if you're following a weekly manga you'll be alright.

  • Arafi Giandra
    Arafi Giandra साल पहले +4

    "if you shitpost hard enough, maybe you too, can make your dreams come true"

  • Omar BL
    Omar BL साल पहले +1

    Gigguk trying to hold it in the whole interview and not ask why she went the vegetable route.

  • Vito C
    Vito C साल पहले +7

    The next level is him being cast in the live action of Domestic Girlfriend

  • Nazri Aizad
    Nazri Aizad साल पहले +645

    I like how she wrote a manga named “Good Ending” before writing Domestic Kanojo

  • Leongaku
    Leongaku साल पहले +634

    Author: ''I think the story came out perfectly!''

  • Kellan and Ariel
    Kellan and Ariel साल पहले +1

    Congratulations! Ur so lucky

  • FallenArtemie
    FallenArtemie साल पहले +353

    What I really liked about DomeKano manga was that after a point, the story was less about Natsuo and his love triangle and more about him and his friends growing as people. It felt natural to see friend pop in and out for different arcs and to see him struggle and realize things thru his experiences. I can definitely see what she meant about him learning about love from Rui, but he also learned that from Hina. I guess she really just wanted her older 'daughter' to have the happiness she deserved, albeit in a really convoluted narrative way.

  • Anemic AMV
    Anemic AMV साल पहले +445

    Sasuga-sensei: "I wanted to be a finale with no loose end."

  • floricel_112
    floricel_112 साल पहले +10

    even outside his own podcast, Garnt can't escape the fate of being the host and having a guest over

  • Jamezontoast
    Jamezontoast साल पहले +266

    I feel so sorry for this mangaka. The amount of abuse she receives from some western fans on Twitter is relentless... just because of how she decided to end her manga...

  • A. H
    A. H साल पहले +520

    “But as I was writing I thought it had to be Hina”

  • Soccer King
    Soccer King साल पहले +604

    Gigguk needs to make a “Domestic Girlfriend in 10 minutes” video

  • Bisa.
    Bisa. साल पहले +650

    Joey: Interviews literal legends like Junji Ito or ShindoL among many others

  • Harsha Subramanyam
    Harsha Subramanyam साल पहले +225

    Gigguk's mask accurately mirrors his attitude towards domestic girlfriend. No matter how hard he tried to keep it up and steady, it always drops to reveal the degenerate side.

  • Theo Filleul
    Theo Filleul साल पहले +7

    "You can take a man out of the trash

  • Fabrezz
    Fabrezz साल पहले +176

    When she said there seemed to be a demand for more mature loves stories she is totally right. For all its cheesiness, this manga was a great breath of fresh air from all the teen love stories where nothing big ever happens until the last episode. Showing how are real relationship can blossom and grow was a beautiful thing to witness. The author did a great job fleshing out her characters and having them grow through the course of the story. An 8/10 from me cause Rui is best girl but overall it was a great ride.