Tokyo Ghoul IN 5 MINUTES

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  • 8/06/2016 को प्रकाशित
  • Today it's the next episode of the abridged not abridged thing, Anime in Minutes! Today I condense both seasons of Tokyo Ghoul in 5 minutes.
    Anime in Minutes Playlist:
    KoVox: Kaneki, Yoshimura, Tsukiyama
    Sakiseshy: Touka
    Sydsnap: Rize, Juuzou, additional voices
    Viewtiful Valentine: Nishio, Amon, Kureo Mado, Jason, Ayato
    Gigguk: Shinohara, Additional Voices
    Alifluro: New Anchor, Akira Mado
    MyToasterIsRetarded: Hide, Pen spinner
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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Gigguk literally created content that was so good, that even 5 years after it was uploaded, the comments section is still very active.

  • akshaj sarswat

    The best roast was

  • Izzy Robbins

    Lmao I’m so glad I read the manga. They were right, everything in the manga makes so much more sense.

  • Colleen Doyle

    As someone who’s never seen the anime, I am LOVING THIS

  • Abreu™
    Abreu™  +395


  • Conner Burrows
    Conner Burrows साल पहले +18

    Kaneki’s entire story is literally the definition of: “You’re not you when your hungry.”

  • yaniani !
    yaniani !  +596

    “I’m not Kaneki anymore, I’m Kaneji” working as a pun for Kan-edgy is fucking gold

  • Nightstalker.
    Nightstalker. साल पहले +789

    For those wondering, the epic soundtrack at

  • Haru Natsuka

    Did anybody else start dying of laughter at those two seconds of the opening theme? That’s exactly how I thought of it before I watched Tokyo Ghoul

  • Venuvee
    Venuvee  +1


  • Edith Reyes221


  • Joker2735
    Joker2735 साल पहले +11

    Tokyo Ghoul in a nutshell: “Probably does in the manga.”

  • Error 404: Will To Live Not Found

    After 5 years, I just realized I've been rickrolled at

  • Nour Chkier


  • Peh
    Peh  +193

    It's been 5 years and Touka is still running to find Kaneki

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    To be fair falling steel pipes are everyone's weakness.

  • allison ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I can't believe this got so popular they made an anime out of it

  • Monamona
    Monamona साल पहले +3

    "I'm not Kaneki anymore"

  • Triange
    Triange  +441

    Season 2 consists of Touka running, crying and being out of breath from running and crying 🥴