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  • 2/07/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • Just watch it.
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  • Full D-Scription

    Odd Taxi is what it feels like when everyone in the group assignment does their part

  • Mark Morales

    Let’s be honest here, Okokawas Walrus design is both extremely relatable and simply adorable… I’d like to see a plushy of him.

  • CultureDTCTV

    Episode 4 is a fucking masterpiece, more well written than a lot other "villain backstories"

  • Bowser Zeki

    Just finished watching today and man it's REALLY a hidden gem

  • FroggoFood
    FroggoFood  +445

    This anime was probably one of the best anime I’ve watched in a long time. It’s genuinely amazing. The writing is absolutely incredible that I ranked this anime 10/10 on MyAnimeList. It’s absolutely fantastic. It’s really exceeded my expectations.

  • dantederi
    dantederi  +362

    Man, still shocked by the ending. Hope they continue it, cause it feels like a cliffhanger.

  • Linus Lundblad

    The fact that they are portrayed as animals doesn’t affect the conversations at all and yet it’s another brilliantly used chekhov's gun.

  • Davorian Ware

    You know Odd Taxi is so good that they made that whole capoeira thing which I thought was just a funny throwaway line until it became integral to the plot moving forward.

  • 桐山霊
    桐山霊  +549

    Damn I'm glad Gigguk didn't spoil anything.

  • thexObannon

    Just finished Odd Taxi and my God what an incredible anime! Absolutely Spectacular! Honestly I did not see the ending and the twist coming and the ending was incredible. Absolutely the best anime of the year so far!

  • Zerus Zephuros

    How this anime is structured (on how there's so many characters that doesn't seem to connect to each other) reminds me of Baccano....I enjoyed that and from what you said this seems to be even better story-telling wise, so of course I'm in!!

  • Tricks No Treats

    I wonder if Gigguk is secretly crying whenever he sleeps after being paid by Netflix to pretend that the record of ragnarok anime is good…

  • Jared
    Jared  +948

    The sad part is that Garnt probably convinced more people to watch Vivy in this video than he did to watch Oddtaxi...but I've already watched Vivy so Oddtaxi it is!

  • This is Daniel

    This show truly is a hidden gem. I could tell from the initial dialogue and structure that this was going to be special. Every element of writing, plot and story was completely satisfying.

  • Aine Robertson

    you had me at "individual character stories that intertwine in interesting ways" I'm a huge fan of this plot style & it neeeeeeeeds to become it's own genre. Baccano & Durarara do this & I have so much fun watching them

  • unfxrseen

    it's rare to see an actual satisfying last episode in anime these days, but odd taxi really nailed their job!

  • TiMonsor
    TiMonsor  +44

    just finished all 13. Absolutely phenomenal. if only gigguk in his spring vid just said that its not just some random scenes in a taxi, that its a thriller with a million twists - i would get to it sooner. but he couldnt know, if he only watched 1-2 eps

  • jgalla
    jgalla  +4

    I don't think I've seen a show nail a story so perfectly before. It's so interconnected and multi-layered and yet it was still written perfectly.

  • Fukano
    Fukano  +5


  • Sans The blaster

    I swear to God, I spent the whole video screaming "YOU'RE SO FUCKING RIGHT!"