I Want Nagatoro To Bully Me.

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  • 21/05/2021 को प्रकाशित
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    Surprise surprise. I like Nagatoro.
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टिप्पणियाँ • 8 068

    CHEFPK  +7

    "Sometimes you just want your friends to Step on you" Best Girl's Basement.

  • thegreatmoof

    "Edging... but for the soul."

  • Chibi Ittomi

    This is proof anime makes everything look better. Food, School, Sports, Life and now bullying

  • Young Ace

    "If it's not already your profile picture"

  • focusezz

    Nagatoro : Attack 99, Defense 10

  • Japers P.
    Japers P.  +644

    "Edging but for the soul"

  • TrueUnderDawgGaming

    You could title the show "Aggressive woman can't confess her feelings without violence" and it would be equally accurate

  • Jay Color

    “It’s like edging for the soul.”

  • Cara Jay Concepcion

    I walked in on my partner watching this and teased him by asking him why he was watching it and asked if he had some weird kink I didn't know about it. And he was like "Are you bullying me?? ;) " And I asked "Is this turning you on?!?!" And I blame you for everything Gigguk.

  • E.G Bacuag
    E.G Bacuag  +616

    "I started for the SMUG, I stayed for the SMILE"

  • ShadowDoyler

    “it’s like edging for the soul” - Shakespeare

  • Dusty844
    Dusty844  +59

    I think one of the things i like about the show the most is that whenever something meaningful happens, it feels worth it and earned in a way. nagatoro BETTER get a second season

  • Slobodan The Serb

    Not only did he like the anime, he actually read ahead.

  • Bushmaster

    Gigguk: “doujinshi that you’ve probably already seen”

  • Rick C-137
    Rick C-137  +959

    Gigguk in the past be like: "This is uzaki-chan dark souls edition"

  • Papersak
    Papersak  +91


  • The_ Sinatraguy

    As someone who has read the manga up to the latest chapter, I am genuinely happy about the fact that I am not the only one who sees and likes those wholesome moments in it

  • Diego Mo
    Diego Mo  +61

    To put it more simply, we live for the moments where the MC momentarily turns the tables. It’s cathartic and makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

  • Calvinosaurus

    As a socially awkward guy, Nagatoro reminds me of a girl I knew in high school. She teased me about my insecurities and my lack of friends a lot but also invited me to parties and movies. I hated her at first but eventually saw her as a friend. People told me that she was into me but I never believed them. In the end, her family moved and I never saw her again.

  • Vesp3r1987
    Vesp3r1987  +237

    Funniest part is when i was in school i actually had a girl "bullying" me like Nagatoro... we ended up dating for a while when i graduated