Arcane is Incredible. No, Really.

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    Who knew I'd wake up in a world where League of Legends was my Anime of the year.
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  • Pedro Palma

    Riot developed a game for more than 10 years just to advertise this series. Absolute genius

  • LEPrecon

    The funny thing about Arcane is that it honestly feels like the

  • Evan Search

    I watched Arcane yesterday after having absolutely nothing to do, so I figured I might as well watch the League show. Anyway, after not sleeping and binging the entire show, it’s a solid 13/10 and I genuinely already want to watch it again.

  • Leah Wyzykowski

    "anyone with a nut allergy within a three mile radius was in danger of going into anaphylactic shock." What a fucking line. Well done.

  • Simon Berntsson

    I truly, truly hope Riot takes their time with future seasons. Apparently, Arcane took 6 years to develop, which admittedly is too long between seasons, but maybe now after its massive success, they will have more resources to produce it quicker. However, I really wish they don't rush it, because that will result in a massive disappointment. Arcane is fantastic, but the bar is now high.

  • That_Random_Artist

    Okay, may I say something from an artist's perspective? I absolutely ADORE the way they showed the contrast between Piltover and Zuan by just giving you a couple looks into the scenery. Piltover is tall, and progressive, with clear skies, and a color palette of blues, gold, bronze, creams, and a few shades of warm brown. It shows you that Piltover is very well-off, and clearly a lovely place to live, and with the sky-ships, it lets you as the viewers SEE that Piltover is a city of fortune and progress. And only a few minutes later, we see Zuan for the first time. Immediately everything is darker, smokier. A color palette of neon green, purples, copper, and iron, everything is slightly browned and burnt looking, and we see how much more crowded and compact Zuan is, seeming to be covered in perpetual smoke and dust, compared to the open skies and whimsical nature of Piltover. Claggor, Mylo, Vi, and Powder look out-of-place in piltover, with their grungy clothes and dirty skin. Like they've been put in the wrong place by the author. But the second we enter Zuan they look RIGHT, even though it's technically the same city, they feel completely different.

  • FlyntofRWBY

    I'm glad I watched this video, cause it got me to binge all of season 1 last night. WOW that was amazing, even as somebody who doesn't play LoL.

  • Taylor Maughan

    having voktor being jayces friend was actually my favorite pat of the whole show. having viktor in the show at all was such a twist like DAMN

  • Spencer Foote

    “In our pursuit of greatness we fail to good” what a line man. This show made me care about characters I would normally despise in my life. Phenomenal writing

  • Asunaris
    Asunaris  +417

    As someone who knows next to nothing about League, I can say that arcane is so good that it left me absolutely speechless at the end. It is gorgeous and i want more! (but i dont want to play league, since it seems to be more toxic than cyanide)

  • Cazory
    Cazory  +40

    Arcane is my Star Wars in 2021.

  • crispyein
    crispyein  +149

    As someone who is constantly on the lookout for incredible animation to be inspired by, this show blew me away. It gave me the same feeling I had while watching Into the Spiderverse for the first time. Like, it should

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I know people who absolutely despise League and rated this show as a masterpiece. That means a lot. Arcane’s storytelling, animation, music, everything about it is simply top tier.

  • Lou Stellabotte

    I watched all 9 episodes twice. Can't get enough of Arcane, Can't wait to see Season 2.

  • Michael E
    Michael E  +77

    This show was an A+, I randomly said out loud “this show is so effing good” many times during this season. I hope it gets a lot of credit for the teams that made this gem of an animated series. It deserves a lot of awards.

  • PopCookie
    PopCookie 14 दिन पहले +7

    The moment magic was introduced to the story, I expected Powder to have some kind of cool primal magic and be the most powerful of them all or whatever because she's the runt of the litter. OHHHHHH BOYYYYY. I was SO wrong. We didn't get a happy-go-lucky series with a happy ending. We got a heartwrenching down-to-earth, relatable series that just leaves you stunned.

  • Jeusus Chris

    I'm really glad I didn't get into league before watching this, like Viktor was probably my favorite character throughout the show, and I don't think I could have cared nearly as much if I knew who his champion was and therefore who he must become.

  • Malcolm Alden

    I don't think it only redefines video game adaptations. I think Arcane redefines animations and animated action scenes in general.

  • RichieW
    RichieW  +6

    I'm actually glad I knew nothing about League when I watched this. Jinx's story hit way more hard because I really had no idea what was coming. Incredible stuff.

  • Nick Shaffer

    Me seeing Jinx in 2013: She’s so crazy i love her