Attack on Titan Is Still Incredible.

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  • 14/04/2021 को प्रकाशित
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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache साल पहले +32

    Whether you liked or hated the ending, this series still offered an unforgettable journey.

  • Jimmytrex09 James Tyrrell

    My brain says Gabi is actually a pretty good written character and I actually find her story pretty interesting.

  • captain_levi_25

    "Gabi is just a young Eren who was born on the enemy team and it makes perfect sense why she's like that" DAMN THAT HURTS SO MUCH

  • Axserwz
    Axserwz  +4

    Eren Eating the Warhammer, using the Jaw Titan, is one of the coldest, things I have ever seen a character do in any show

  • caliath
    caliath साल पहले +3

    “you don’t know who will make it out alive”

  • Advita Nargund

    that beat drop after "we're watching history being made" literally got me in tears wtf

  • Nicholas Brandt
    Nicholas Brandt साल पहले +2

    “My War” is the type of opening that when you first hear it you go “Eh, it’s alright”, but after hearing it a few times you can’t help but chant along and get hyped every time it plays. I love this opening.

  • Angel Loeza

    The real journey was the friends we betrayed along the way

  • TheDigiSeviper

    Fun Fact: The name "Attack on Titan" is a mistranslation that comes from the Japanese title's English subtitle. It's an easy mistake to make if the person who wrote that subtitle wasn't a native speaker, since the の("no") in 進撃の巨人 ("Shingeki no Kyojin") is actually a particle which (usually) notes ownership of or relation to one noun to another noun. So it very well could have been meant to mean "Attack on Titan" or "Attack of the Titans" or even "The Titan's Attack", but because Japanese is contextual in nature the reader could have assumed any combination of those meanings without a second thought. This is where things get mind blowing. Eren Yeager's titan form is called the attack titan. Would you like to guess how you would say "attack titan" in Japanese?

  • AlphaBlaze22

    This anime took off at the start of season 2 and never slowed down. Seriously, no anime has come even close to being as good as Attack on Titan the past 2-3 years.

  • M
    M  +465

    i binged the show in five days during quarantine and god it was a journey

  • Ok
    Ok  +273

    I like how he say that it brings everyone together but there are “ending haters”, “ending lovers” and “ neutral. And it’s war between them.

  • The Captain
    The Captain साल पहले +4

    “A character you dislike and a bad character are not always one in the same.”

  • Whittycoaster

    I don’t think I’ve experienced another piece of fiction that has made me care about the characters as much as I did in AOT.

  • Noah Lach
    Noah Lach  +475

    The best part of AoT season 4 is that the "fuck Gabi" comments let you instantly identify the people who somehow managed to watch seven years without grasping anything the show is trying to say.

  • Mashīn
    Mashīn  +460

    Honestly as a casual watcher who´s not picking apart every minor detail in the animation n´ shit, I never really noticed anything in the show that made me think "wow that doesn´t look very good". Pretty much the only time I thought to myself that the CG looked weird was Bertholt´s colossal animation during their reveal fight. Also as a music guy the S4 intro is fucking spectacular 10/10.

  • PirateKage7


  • Kevin Fialkowaki

    Its amazing. The fact that people argue about it in such an intense way and argue about Eren. Shows how great the story is. Its amazing and has left all of us perplexed, and questioning ourselves

    WEABOOF साल पहले +8

    Protect Gigguk from manga spoilers

  • Nightmarish Compositions

    I think Attack on Titan has many great messages, mostly delivered as cautionary tales. The consequences of racism, classism, nationalism, imperialism, historical revision, government propaganda, lack of education, political warfare, terrorism, cultism, guilt by association, sins of the father, etc. Even when the story and pacing feel a bit off at times, I think it deals with mature concepts and themes that feel timeless, impactful and relevant.