When You're Glad Everyone Around You is Dead.

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  • 5/05/2021 को प्रकाशित
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  • vizmedia
    vizmedia साल पहले +15

    First thing on our bucket list is to catch up on the manga backlog

  • Retrobox64
    Retrobox64 साल पहले +2

    Damn, I bet Eren's jealous of this man's freedom

  • Ashu Singh
    Ashu Singh साल पहले +1

    Man got so broken from his dead end stressful job that he literally decided to complete his bucket list during apocalypse, interesting

  • A Mii in a Fedora
    A Mii in a Fedora साल पहले +877

    It's even funnier when you realize that if he continued his job, he'd already be a zombie.

  • LaNoir
    LaNoir साल पहले +3

    Gigguks parents: "Well...at least he can go back to the BBC if this INclips thing doesn't work out..."

  • TheLarryestOf Hall
    TheLarryestOf Hall साल पहले +388

    The way Gigguk just throws BBC under the bus without hesitation sounds like me with Dollar General

  • InfernalLad
    InfernalLad साल पहले +2

    VIZ: “Ok so we got this zombie manga”

  • David
    David  +60

    I quit my job right before the pandemic hit, and this is exactly what it felt like. All of a sudden that weight was off my shoulders and I had all the time in the world as the world ground to a halt.

  • Hitler - Senpai
    Hitler - Senpai साल पहले +602

    Gigguk (Garnt Maneetapho), is a British youtuber. He started his channel back in 2006 but gained popularity around 2015. He is an inspirational figure because he quit his full time job at BBC to focus more on his channel. Currently he has a total of 2.96 million subscribers and more than 10 million views on his videos. His net worth also sums up to be $692,000 :P

  • Rickle
    Rickle  +14

    I really hope Zom 100 gets an adaptation, I seriously love this story

  • Genesis Era
    Genesis Era साल पहले +431

    this feels like the most 2020 manga ever conceived

  • Tetsu Hatano

    To me this manga is essentially “screw it, the world is ending I’m gonna go and have fun while I can”. This manga doesn’t deny just how terrible the world is now but it does show that you don’t have to be some psycho sad sack to thrive in it, you can be like Akira who decides to just finally live his life to the fullest

  • j b
    j b साल पहले +2

    so he was a office zombie until everyone else became literal zombies.

  • QvsTheWorld
    QvsTheWorld साल पहले +96

    Isn't kind of weird that the world we currently live in feels so unchangeable that it would take some kind of apocalyptical event to make it stop? I'm part of the lucky ones who actually like their job and the they people work with, but I got to admit that nothing worthwhile usually gets done after 3pm.

  • Celestial
    Celestial साल पहले +331

    "Don't you ever just wish that one day it could all go away?"

  • God Taisaku
    God Taisaku साल पहले +45

    As a guy that really is enthusiastic, hopeful, having a big dream, and having a unique mindset. This manga really makes me really really enjoy it because of how similar the main character and i are. The manga almost leaves me speechless. His act of freedom and despite the horde of zombies, he has goals and interesting stuff to do and the fact nothing is gonna make him stop really sparkle my eyes. It's like I'm a kid seeing a superhero for the first time

  • Stephen S
    Stephen S साल पहले +382

    Day 1 of asking Gigguk to bring back "anime in minutes" again

  • Kent Arthur
    Kent Arthur साल पहले +25

    A good manga about hope. Now that one of my favorite authors died. Really pity to the death of a great author of Beserk.

  • AFY-Sama
    AFY-Sama साल पहले +6

    Saw the title, then read the whole manga. Now watching the vid. Can confirm, its good shit.

  • Zachary Truong
    Zachary Truong साल पहले +14

    Just saw this video and went straight for the manga. As a 24 year old with a dead end job myself, I cried like hell when I read it.