Demon Slayer just Set a New Standard

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  • 3/03/2022 को प्रकाशित
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    Demon Slayer: Kamado Tanjiro no Uta | EPIC ORCHESTRAL COVER
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  • KcorbAnime

    Demon slayer is really what I wish we could see in the future of how anime production is tackled. Taking your time and creating an amazing product is so much more worth it that producing actual mid like MOST anime are.

  • KaffeLatte

    i really like how you said demon slayer's strength /IS/ in fact its simplicity. for example, ever since mugen train, i kept wondering why rengoku's death affected me so much, why i was so attached to a character i saw for probably a total of 2 hours and barely in the first season. it's because he (and all the characters) were written so clearly in their ambitions and their emotions. rengoku was simply an honest, strong man with an indomitable will. he accepted, so "simply", that he could die any moment. he accepted that his father would never accept HIM. and he accepted that his destiny was to protect and serve. the author could've written an entire chapter about rengoku's family situation and how it affected him. but we DIDN'T NEED that. all we needed to know was that he loved his mother, his sibling, and that regardless of how his father treated him, he still cared. that gave us all the "depth" we needed. anyways this comment was probably longer than it needed to be, but overall, i really enjoyed this video as well as how much you appreciated the animation studio for their craft! great job!

  • Jactor
    Jactor  +844

    When Nezuko jumped up to spike Ume's head like a fucking volleyball and proceded to give her a biblical beatdown, I damn near jumped out of my chair, and that was like 4 episodes before the finale. You really cannot overstate how incredible this show is at this point.

  • amelibeanVODS

    Demon Slayer definitely stands out from any other anime I've watched. The bright colors, creative characters, and beautiful animation make it so enjoyable to watch.

  • archwing3441

    I think you bring up a really good point with its simplicity. I was having a conversation with my friends and how one of the oddest thing about Demon Slayer was that there was no true internal falling out in the organization. There was no Danzo or Orochimaru, no Aizen, no corrupt world government, no secret assassination in the jujutsu organization, no spies pretending to be heroes. Shonen series love having these big organizations having huge internal strife in them and Demon Slayers are just like, nah, the Hashiras got each other's back.

  • DoubleTripleOG !

    I watched season 1, said to myself: wow Demon Slayer is pretty good.

  • Solomon Grundy

    The fact that Ufotable have added more scenes to the fights to really flesh them out and give them so much more weight than the manga genuinely makes it one of the few cases where the anime is better than the manga. Most of the final fight scene between Uzui and Gyutaro is unique to the anime and it elevates it to another level.

  • p3anutbutt3rtoast

    I’ve always said that nothing can really be “overrated”

  • Fahmida Akhter

    Watching demon slayer makes me feel at home. While i do like complex stories, ideas, and complex characters, I feel demon slayer has that element where you rest on your sofa after a long day work and just chill with your friends with a bowl of ramen noodles. You know the bad guys are going to go down. the story is amazing for me. every time i watch this anime I feel like tanjiro, nezuko, inoske, zenitsu are my friends and I am hanging out with them in the country side while killing some bad demons. it is a great feeling for me and i think this is where demon slayer's strength lies.

  • Kaboha Kevin

    Uzui Tengen lives rent free in my head. His fighting style is gold and the high level of the anime's graphics complements it. I just wish we saw more sound breathing forms.

  • Pigpug Pigpug

    What I love about the action scenes in Demon Slayer is that even if things get real chaotic and every colors are showing up in your screen, you can still see what is happening in the action. The fight is choreographed really well that you don't need to watch it at 0.5 speed to follow the action. And of course the artstyle man...

    TLFEAR  +51

    I was like,

  • Akhigbe Kelvin

    I agree

  • Soapy Roz
    Soapy Roz  +24

    Garnt's take on anime team battles at

  • Red Queen
    Red Queen  +59

    You just explained it perfectly… the simplicity in the story is what makes it so beautiful and real and relatable emotionally

  • bipity-bopity

    one of the things that drew me towards demon slayer was its simplicity, there's no over the top power system or anything like that, just fun characters and villians with an enjoyable plot and amazing fights

  • Eugene TheXtreme

    Man I really, really enjoyed this show. Even though part of me always thought "man, it sure is convenient how the MC can keep going/finds new powers whenever he needs to during fights", the quality of the animation, voice work, choreography etc. kept me invested. At the end of the day, it's still typical shonen writing but it also gave me a lot of those amazing goosebump moments.

  • Bea Lohman

    Demon Slayer got me back into anime after not watching anime for a few years. All the characters perform their roles well, and each of them are capable of adding humor or emotion to the plot. Even though Zenitsu might be considered the "comedic relief," he's still a useful character that is progressively becoming more fleshed out. Additionally, even though some people find him annoying as hell (I do too sometimes), his reactions are pretty spot on. Imagine being a normal person, forced to become a demon slayer against your will, and now you're risking your life against the scariest and most deadly creatures known to man? I would be scared too!

  • Toma
    Toma  +1

    Shows like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer are rarities, and honestly I wish a lot of our old favorite shows would get the same treatment with great animation and no filler

  • Yessica
    Yessica  +20

    the last few episodes had me checking my blood pressure. like edge-of-your-seat type action. it just kept escalating and the payoff was such an experience!!