Dress-Up Darling Gave Us The Perfect Girl

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  • 18/03/2022 को प्रकाशित
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    Waifuism has reached a new peak.
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    CHEFPK  +8

    He hath spoken. Let it be known in all history books hence forward

  • Neko-Chan

    "There are 4 billion girls existed in this world & you are decided to fall in love with a f*ckin drawing" ~ Gigguk to all weebs

  • Cousin Patsey

    It's actually impressive how well the show has balanced story, wholesome moments, and unashamed amounts of horny into literally every episode. And so far, even if they've stuck to few named characters, there's none that are holding a scene back.

  • Zuioco
    Zuioco  +479

    The only bad thing about her being the best girl is that in the future every other waifu just seems much less good.

  • Rea
    Rea  +506

    Gojo deserve "The Best Male Character" Character for this season

  • Luke Dias
    Luke Dias  +74

    Personality-wise, she’s flawless. My main problem with Marin as a character, though, is that we don’t really see things from her perspective - her own flaws and insecurities - the way we do Gojo. There’s her inability to do handiwork and her lack of parental figures, but that’s a surface-level fault that doesn’t really inspire a character arc. It makes her come off very manic pixie dream girl-like. I would love it if other perspectives besides Gojo were shown more often, like Marin’s main friend group for example.

  • Anime Shorts

    Gigguk is the best waifu of 2022

  • norest wicked

    Marin literally is Sydney

  • The Joker
    The Joker  +188

    We definitely not getting another girl like her for a while

  • Rivertune Games


  • Braiden Becker

    As a cosplayer, this anime brought back some core memories. I teared up and cried so many times just because that dynamic reminds me so much of the journey I've been through. I honestly don't think there'll be something more relatable to me and I appreciate every second of it.

  • Mel's Goblin Nest

    As someone who grew up in a environment where my passions were frowned upon I fully understand the pains, and now that I am older how I was able to find others who had such a high passion in the same things. This show really paints that in a light I never thought media would touch upon.

  • Z Reviews

    Can we have a moment of Silence for GoJo in this weeks episode? I never wanted to smash a Phone in a Love Hotel more then right now.

  • Mewinator
    Mewinator  +74

    I had always thought the second i saw her, that she would be the one to finally beat out Zero Two.

  • Ahmed Al Awadhi

    Let's not forget how the subtitles elevated Marin's dialogue to the next level. You can tell so much effort went into ensuring they translated the soul and feel of her speech idiosyncracies in a way that was both relatable and charming to a foreign audience.

  • SonicHaXD
    SonicHaXD  +33

    Was not expecting the Dark Souls reference like that XD

  • Kristen Aurigemma

    I really like how you depicted My Dress Up Darling and the craft holds value. I am a seamstress, so everything mentioned was on par. It was so cool seeing a legit sewing machine running in an anime. As I too related to Gojo, but in the means of a out dated craft. Every sewing event I take part in, i am the only one under 50 yrs old. (in my late 20s lol). It being a topic starter in my age group is more like an talent. I really hope Dress up darling can inspire people to get into sewing. And what better way to show the enjoyment of the craft and become your own cosplay makers. The ecchi was basically part of the job in real life, which I liked how that was natural. There are many reasons why to watch Dress Up Darling. That said i relate to the marlin too, I am not afraid to tell people my hobbies and roll with it if someone thinks it's weird. I feel Gojo is not your typical male lead because he has a talent. Many male leads in anime don't have much other than the will and resolve (which is the best), but to this extent, it was simply amazing. He had something to offer and he took her hobby seriously, seeing it as her hobby not a hobby she took part in. As he watched and played the anime games (in his own sweet way of course) until the very end. How she respected his ability of modesty that the white demon cosplay showed to much skin. To place that reasoning in there, was just another appreciation to the craft itself. I have a good feeling that My Dress Up Darling is already inspiring people to get sewing machines and threads. I just want to say that you may need to start with squre quilt patterns before you get to making clothes. I just say that so people don't get discouraged. I believe in you. I really love everything about this show. As a female anime watcher (gender appeal) it's hard to find a true gentleman. I really like how Gojo was your honest and modest guy. A real man with respect for the lady. "Gojo is a catch" as you said. Amazing!

  • Olsen 204
    Olsen 204  +22

    "You'll grow out of anime" and "the perfect anime" are to this day my favorites. They hit a spot and helped me get past that insecurity of being open about enjoying anime and the types of anime I enjoy. Thanks giguk!

  • Highlight

    "Do you know what's better than witnessing a smile you want to protect... it's witnessing a smile you helped earn" -Gigguk

  • BunnyVonSweetzGaming

    My fiancée has always hated most fan service in anime and has never been particularly interested in slice of life/romance anime but i got her to start watching this with me and she’s become obsessed 😂