Life Cycle of an Anime Fan

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  • 7/12/2017 को प्रकाशित
  • The Anime fan is a peculiar specimen that I feel deserves a deeper understanding. Today I have a look at every stage of an Anime Fan's life, from birth to maturity.
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  • 7 . . .
    7 . . . साल पहले +21

    You forgot the "I'm going to learn Japanese" phase

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    "Watching-a-whole-season-in-a-day phase

  • H V
    H V साल पहले +2

    the worst fate at the end of the cycle is becoming a manga reader

  • Medallione550
    Medallione550 साल पहले +1

    Gigguk: smile, sweet, sister, sadistic, surprise, service

  • Mr. Sparrow
    Mr. Sparrow साल पहले +1

    The Awakening showed SAO on the laptop personally offends me since I started with that.

  • Sam Rice
    Sam Rice  +522

    The Void is real. I remember being fifteen at my grandparents house for a week and starting Neon Genesis Evangelion, only to finish the entire series in one night, watch End of Evangelion, and then spend the next week of my stay desperately hunting down the rebuilds on pirated anime websites in an attempt to consume more of a show I had just finished. Finishing that show and realizing that I couldn’t see what happened to the characters anymore felt like loosing actual people I was close to.

  • o h n o h e r e w e g o a g a i n
    o h n o h e r e w e g o a g a i n 2 साल पहले +27

    It's creepy how he accurately summarized....

  • Ze_Holygrail

    After true awakening you get to pick your specialisations.

  • Nart Man
    Nart Man  +269

    "Before one can have a shit taste, one must first have no taste"

  • Just an average guy

    Guys, I am in the harem phase.

  • Just some girly weeb on the Internet
    Just some girly weeb on the Internet साल पहले +485

    As a fujoshi of 7 years, I can confirm that ‘yaoi menstruation’ is real. This is terrifyingly accurate.

  • kevin W
    kevin W  +145

    Very accurate, after watching 150+ I now feel empty not knowing what to watch, i'm still in search of more that give me that "void" feeling after a good series has ended. I put everything thats made 6+ years ago into a separate dimension called "Ignore List".

  • SweatyAsUrPits
    SweatyAsUrPits साल पहले +4

    “I have never been offended by something I 100% agree with”

  • Lucide
    Lucide साल पहले +364

    I’ve reached the final stage im on binge-reading manga now

  • WildMoonChild
    WildMoonChild साल पहले +38

    there is nothing worse than watching an anime, loving it so much you start reading the manga, catch up, and having to wait once a month in agonizing pain for what happens next

  • Iudez
    Iudez  +13


  • Edgar :D
    Edgar :D साल पहले +26

    A small exception for the waifu stage: if the weeb mentioned’s first waifu is speedwagon, it will be physically impossible to change a waifu or husbands, since speedwagon is ENTERNAL

  • DeeJay
    DeeJay  +19

    It's scary how this is actually kind of accurate.

  • Misfits Karma
    Misfits Karma साल पहले +3

    The "void phase" is the most terrifying thing when watching anime, I sometimes would even question myself "what is life?" Lol😂

  • Gliff (alt)
    Gliff (alt) साल पहले +196

    I watched that episode of Naruto Shippuden.