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  • 6/03/2021 को प्रकाशित
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    Light Novel titles have gotten so stupid recently, that I bet a robot could come up with better ideas. So I built one. I made an A.I who's sole purpose was to make awful Light Novel titles.
    Thanks to Fabby for helping me make Trash-Bot:
    Thanks to my bois for helping out:
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  • Phoenix
    Phoenix साल पहले +5

    "My Cute AI can't be This smart"

  • Manamrit Singh
    Manamrit Singh साल पहले +4

    "I'll rebel against the totalitarian state because onii chan is watching me."

  • ko paxson

    ngl, i honestly feel like "The Unwanted Virginity of a Genius" would be great with a female protagonist. kinda like WataMote but the superiority complex is actually justified and is the major driving point for the series. Like shes crazy smart and tries all these wacky ideas to get laid and it always backfires. Whiley coyote type stuff. Add a reoccurring character and you can make it a romcom.

  • Elli Yap

    the melancholy of jesus christ is my grandmas favorite light novel. she especially loves the ressurection arc

  • Myuni
    Myuni साल पहले +2

    Gigguk shows the generated list of Light Novel Titles

  • Tuskor
    Tuskor  +1

    "What is my purpose?"

  • Hernán Garay
    Hernán Garay साल पहले +9

    "I Used A Million Dollar AI To Prove Light Novel Titles Are Dumb."

  • Mika Zakhaev
    Mika Zakhaev साल पहले +4

    "Kuma kuma kuma bear" is actually a light novel title lol. Yes, the title is just four bears in a row (kanji, katakana, hiragana, romaji).

  • King Maelstrom the Esoteric

    "The Unwanted Virginity of a Genius"


    Old title "I Used A Million Dollar AI To Prove Light Novel Titles Are Dumb."

  • Clare Hidalgo

    Gored is a real word though "gore: to penetrate or hold (something) with a pointed object" Gored is the past tense "the bull gored the matador"

  • Unnoticable Humanoid

    “Rascal doesn’t not dream of bunny girl senpai” wait that ones real

  • EpicDarkrai FourNineOne
    EpicDarkrai FourNineOne साल पहले +1

    "I Can't Believe The AI I Came Up With Doesn't Even Recognise My Name!" should be a light novel title

  • Koty
    Koty साल पहले +606

    "Yeah, Connor gets to be an epic gamer and Joey gets to be a harem protagonist - and what do I get? A fucking autocorrection" - hitting your bookstores this summer.

  • Polar VR
    Polar VR साल पहले +328

    Trash bot: “Conner wants to be a hero but is actually a dick!”

  • LaNoir
    LaNoir  +177


  • Lyla
    Lyla साल पहले +210

    “Interspecies catastrophe” really cracks me up

  • William Stark

    “The Unwanted Virginity of a Genius” sounds like the endgame arc of “Science Fell in Love and Tried to Prove It.”

  • Arthur Shahzad
    Arthur Shahzad साल पहले +4

    “The Melancholy of Jesus Christ” is a pretty accurate title ngl

  • MAWIYArayyan
    MAWIYArayyan साल पहले +272

    I actually read the manga for "I'm a behemoth, an s rank monster, but mistaken for a cat, I live as an elf girls pet"